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Mardon Recycling Machinery Ltd (MRM) are a 9001 accredited company with a fine pedigree in the Recycling and Waste Disposal industry and MACFAB is a key supplier for their business.

During our 15 year relationship with MACFAB, MRM have found the company to be extremely helpful, dependable and innovative. Our sales staff and engineers have made several visits to the MACFAB factory which is always an impressive sight. Here it is possible to see just how MACFAB are able to keep up with demand for their equipment by implementing an array of high-tech automated systems. They are always willing to find a solution to today’s ever changing waste handling legislation, which is why MRM believe them to be the leader in this field.

MACFAB have found that perfect balance between high quality and excellent value. MRM proudly endorse all MACFAB equipment and confidently promote their entire Baler range against every other machine available in the UK today. The partnership between manufacturer and dealer has proven so successful that MRM have shown incredible growth as a company, proving that their decision to solely supply MACFAB Balers has been entirely justified.


Kingspan is a global manufacturer of Insulation panels and structural products for the building industry. Due to their high turn over of production they where left with a substantial amount of varied waste from suppliers and inhouse. To tackle this mixed and high volume waste, several machines where installed from the MACFAB range, including the MACFAB 650 MACFAB 75 and MACFAB 75Mutli-Chamber.

We have several locations on site where balers are situated, with training and awareness we are recycling nearly all our waste not only produced on site but also from suppliers. The payback on this recycling facility has being quite rewarding and a recommended choice of recycling. We find that not only are the MACFAB Balers robust but very seldom give us maintenance problems.


Frimley NHS Trust were already way ahead when it come to waste management and recycling. As a site that 'cares not just for patients but the environment' Frimley NHS Trust management teams are always looking at improving the services they provide and controlling costs. It was with the recycling of food cans that a MACFAB Baler was able to help. The hospital was already recycling food cans produced by the huge canteen and kitchen areas but it was using viable resources and money. The kitchen staff would place the cans in to large plastic bags, store them and then move them to the can banks were the local authority collected every day. This presented problems, the site was always busy with traffic and had not been designed for large HGV to travel around. The loading of the 4 can banks also meant that the traffic on the one-way system was stopped for 15 minutes.

After a site audit and waste assessment it was clear that the MACFAB 75 Baler with can crushing attachment would be ideally suited toour requirements; compact and easy to operate whilst coping with the huge daily throughput. The baler was delivered within 5 days, to ensure that the hospital began saving money sooner rather than later.


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